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Payment on Account – Why Am I Confused?

Don’t panic. The only reason for confusion is that anything to do with HMRC, not least a letter from them asking for money, sets us all a-quaking. Payment on account is actually designed to make your life as a self-employed individual easier, not harder.

Why Bookkeeping Frequently Becomes a Small Business’s Nightmare

All too often, the ‘simple’ task of small business bookkeeping becomes a nasty nightmare akin to the monster hiding in your wardrobe. Without realising, you soon begin to avoid anything to do with your accounts and bookkeeping, just as you used to avoid opening the wardrobe door. The fear grows, and soon the nightmare is taking over all aspects of your life – in this case your business and your livelihood.

P11D – What is it and What Do You Need to Know?

In the accountancy world there’s a whole heap of jargon to get your head around, and that’s even more true when HMRC get in on the act too. As a small business, you’ll hear terminology bandied about as if you should know exactly what the ‘tax man’ is talking about. Read on, to demystify the P11D and get the lowdown on everything you need to know.

Stop the Quakes in Your Boots – Always Be Ready for a Visit from HMRC

There are few acronyms that can get a small business owner trembling in quite the same way as HMRC. But really, being ready should be a matter of course. It’s not hard, it just requires a planned and methodical approach. The good news is, this doesn’t just stop HMRC slaps on the wrist, or even your midnight nerves: it also makes sound business sense which will boost growth and success.