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New Financial Year’s Resolution: Get an Accountant!

How was January for you? If you celebrate Christmas, it may have been a little tight, moneywise. And if you were filing your tax return digitally and had left it to the last minute, it may have been pretty stressful, too.

Small Businesses Fear Business Rate Hikes May Break Them

Amid widespread concerns about steep business rate rises, a new survey from the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) has revealed that nearly a fifth of small businesses facing increased rates fear the cost will ultimately force them to fold.

People on Zero-hours Contracts £1,000 Worse off than Employees

According to a study from the Resolution Foundation, people on zero-hours contracts miss out on around £1,000 a year in comparison to employees doing the same job. The thinktank said that this showed the “precarious pay penalty” that people on zero-hours contracts face. The pay penalty amounts to around 6.6% or 93p an hour. For a typical zero-hours contract worker on 21 hours a week, this comes to £1,000 a year.

Treasury Criticises Conflicting Cost Estimates of Making Tax Digital

Treasury committee chairman, Andrew Tyrie has written to the financial secretary of the Treasury, MP Jane Ellison and FSB chairman, Mike Cherry about the conflicting estimates of the Making Tax Digital scheme. He’s calling for clarification and wants to know why there have been such conflicting opinions on how much the scheme will cost businesses on average.