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Stop the Quakes in Your Boots – Always Be Ready for a Visit from HMRC

There are few acronyms that can get a small business owner trembling in quite the same way as HMRC. But really, being ready should be a matter of course. It’s not hard, it just requires a planned and methodical approach. The good news is, this doesn’t just stop HMRC slaps on the wrist, or even your midnight nerves: it also makes sound business sense which will boost growth and success.

How Do You Know You Are Getting Your Accounts Right?

As a business in the UK you have to keep financial records. It’s not an option – you have to do it. However, how you do it is up to you as long as you get the data right. Get the data wrong and you run in to hot water pretty quickly. Therefore, how do you know that you are getting your business accounts right?

Paying tax on an inherited property

The bulk of a person’s estate is generally made up of property. With the average house costing, around £316,421, (in London the average house costs approximately £594,202) there is the potential that the beneficiaries of the estate can face a hefty Inheritance Tax bill.

Quarterly Digital Tax Reprieve for SMEs

The Government’s Make Tax Digital plan is perhaps not their most controversial scheme (after all, it’s had stiff competition). But it’s certainly sparked heated debate – and criticism and questions from not just prominent business figures but some of the Government’s own departments and officials.

UK Employees Have Low Work Satisfaction Levels

A new piece of research has revealed that the UK is falling behind most other countries in Europe on work satisfaction. The research comes from global recruitment consultancy Robert Half. They worked with Nic Marks from Happiness Works too.